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At first, one would think the name Black Eyed Barbie would invoke controversy, intrigue, curiosity and most of all INTEREST ! The truth is, it does all of that ! Black Eyed Barbie is a Burlington Ontario based band with a unique sound that is a perfect blend of blues, classic rock, country and a touch of soul.

They are a 5 piece group whose diverse ingredients truly reflect each individual flavour that makes up the mix ! Their formation was attributed to their paths having crossed over the many years in the music industry, and developing a long term relationship from these contact experiences.
Barbie did not come out of the gate with a BANG ! In fact, it was more like, planting a seed and over time, slowly and patiently watering, pruning and shaping your “banzai tree” to be the image, texture and feel of what was in your mind.

In their short life together, they have shared many stages, enjoyed some air time on 2 radio stations, Y108 in Hamilton, and 1019 Rock North Bay. They have had the pleasure of performing at the Sound of Music Festival in 2018, and to have worked along side local artists such as Ginger St James and Jordan Honsinger
( Formerly with Cold Creek County ) Having already released their first single “Whiskey in a tea cup”, Black Eyed Barbie is in a great position to hit 2020 head on. They have a new video ready for release, and new tracks being recorded with the talented guidance from Jordan Honsinger at the producers helm.

Black Eyed Barbie can bring you a “full on” 5 piece musical experience that will touch on a multitude of music styles. They can also deliver as a 5 piece acoustic project, and further distill things down to an intimate 3 piece acoustic show .

Keep an eye, and an ear open for Black Eyed Barbie in 2020, it will be sure to leave a mark !!


“Whiskey In A Teacup hooks you right off the top with it’s catchy melody and driving rhythm.  Congratulations to Black Eyed Barbie, who’ve crafted a great tune!”

Mitch Belanger 
Program Director/Morning Host – 101.9 ROCK North Bay, Ontario
Program Director – Country 600

“Sassy southern sound with a great hook that leaves you feeling thirsty for more”

Shelley Stevens
Radio host Y108 Hamilton Ontario

Great energy, Great performers, Great harmonies, Great song writers and Great stage presence. I give the boys 
 Two Thumbs Up. 

Johnny Boots

Right to the Top baby!!!
☆☆☆☆☆ stars

Brian Fogel from
Anita Gig Artist Management & Booking Agency

When I started listening to Black Eyed Barbie, I realized pretty quickly that there is a great deal of depth and meaning, not only to the name of this band, but to all of the material that these guys write. Keep your eyes peeled for Black Eyed Barbie and try to catch them live. They’re incredibly talented and unbelievably inspiring!


Interview on 101.9 Rock with Mitch Belanger July 19/2019

Live on Y108 July 15 2019

The Daily Sweep Episode 16 – Black Eyed Barbie 2019-09-20



Summer Nights
It’s Easy
Whiskey in a teacup
Chasing the dream

Black Eyed Barbie consists of Geoff Breen as bass guitarist and vocalist, Dwayne Jackson as lead vocalist and guitarist, Brad Foisy as lead guitarist and vocalist, John Redley as keyboardist and vocalist, and Todd Gemmil on drums.

“Black Eyed Barbie is more classic rock, with a little bit of country and some funk; it’s honest,” explained Breen. “Dwayne [Jackson], Brad [Foisy] and I, the main songwriters started experimenting in different songwriting styles. I don’t want to say we got older, but we found music we naturally wrote lent more to Black Eyed Barbie than it did to anything we had done earlier with previous projects.”
The new melodic, country rock music will be recorded in studio this winter, with new songs — along with a music video — to be released in January. This will follow up the band’s debut four-song EP.

“We’ve definitely got a bit more blues-based to it,” noted Breen, in regards to the band’s first release. “The Black Eyed Barbie sound [has] really developed. We’ve found our voice, what works for us. Black Eyed Barbie is the most pure, authentic us that I’ve ever done; these songs we write is the best stuff we’ve ever done. We love doing it.”

Black Eyed Barbie performs locally and performed in the Sound of Music Festival this past summer.

“This past year, we were picked to play Sound of Music’s [Downtown] Streetfest and it was a great show,” said Breen. “We met a lot of people and had a very successful experience, with great interaction with the crowd.”

However, the band has had an invitation to perform retracted in the past due to its name, which had been accused of referring to abuse.

“That’s exactly what the name is [about],” said Breen, who has a background in crisis counselling in adolescent youth work. “I once heard about a little girl who was acting out and they didn’t know why. They had an interview with the mother while the little girl played with toys; partway through the meeting, she took the Sharpie off the desk, and at the end of the meeting, realized she had been drawing black eyes on all the dolls. When asked why, she said, ‘this is what mommy looks like when daddy comes home from work.’ Nobody knew anything and that simple doll told a story, and gave insight to what was going on and [was] able to offer help to that family.

“We are a fun party band, we love having a good time, but sometimes we also, like that small insignificant doll, tell a deeper story.