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Published December 6, 2016

Black Eyed Barbie will make you feel like you are riding shotgun on a Saturday morning with the windows down and the volume up high. Nostalgic, but still somehow fresh, this is solid classic rock with a twist, a je-ne-sais-quoi that might have had something to do with the inventive bass lines (and possibly the eclectic wardrobe of the lead guitarist) that definitely lends an original edge to the 5 piece ensemble. The vocals are powerful and controlled, and it carries their storied lyrics well, from fun, upbeat romps to the weightier stuff of life; they don’t shy away from the full gamut of emotions in their songwriting. You will love hearing this tight, together band play live for the first time – it definitely won’t be your last.

Black Eyed Barbie was always there. it started with a vision. A vision to create a band that would have multiple instrument voices, be incredibly diverse, and deliver music that was pure, honest and straight forward.. and at the same time have a layer of complexity, theory and musical technique that would give it a texture, and a sound that is totally unique.

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