Images and Words

What’s in a name? 

“That’s exactly what the name is [about],” said Breen, who has a background in crisis counselling in adolescent youth work. “I once heard about a little girl who was acting out and they didn’t know why. They had an interview with the mother while the little girl played with toys; partway through the meeting, she took the Sharpie off the desk, and at the end of the meeting, realized she had been drawing black eyes on all the dolls. When asked why, she said, ‘this is what mommy looks like when daddy comes home from work.’ Nobody knew anything and that simple doll told a story, and gave insight to what was going on and [was] able to offer help to that family.

“We are a fun party band, we love having a good time, but we’re also sometimes that small insignificant doll that tells a deeper story. We try to support homeless shelters and shelters for abused women, and bring attention to those things over and above the party.”