the ongoing story

Black Eyed Barbie was always there. Geoff had a vision… A vision to create a band that would have multiple instrument voices, be incredibly diverse, and deliver music that was pure, honest and straight forward.. and at the same time have a layer of complexity, theory and musical technique that would give it a texture, and a sound that is totally unique to what is being delivered today in mainstream music.

The idea comes to life

Having spent several years performing, recording and writing, this is where they honed their craft. Geoff wanted like minded musicians that can bring to the mix, an individual nuance, life experience and raw talent. Something each individual can relate to, and draw upon to personalize their creative input. Geoff didn’t have to look far to find it.

The Core of Black Eyed Barbie

Geoff had been working closely with Dwayne Jackson, in the studio, on the stage and at the drawing board for 20 years. They spent many days, and hours just building songs, compiling ideas, creating drafts of new material, demoing the ideas, then tucking them away in the vault. After years of paying in the Metal and Rock circuit, having tapped their reserves, it was time to take Black Eyed Barbie out of the vault and into the spotlight

The third piece

About six or seven years ago, Geoff had made the acquaintance of Brad Foisy. It was through a different band and Geoff was asked to help them record a 3 three song demo. since then, they remained friends, though, it was at a distance, they always kept the lines open.

Having shared an affinity for certain books and movies, Geoff and Brad agreed to catch a movie and then go out for a beer to talk about this new project. Brad was still in his former project, but it was winding down and did not appear to be getting any momentum back.

so, over a few beers, some wings and fish tacos, Geoff had explained his idea of Black Eyed Barbie to Brad. He let him know that Dwayne was on board, and they had a vault of material ready to see the surface. So, they sat and talked, for a couple of hours. Talked about what they wanted and didn’t want. hopes for the future, and brand strategy.

It was set.. the three of them would finally get a chance to sit and test the waters.

Mixing the ingredients

It was in November of 2016, Geoff, Dwayne and Brad finally had the chance to get together at Capstone and work through some songs on their acoustics.

Was it magic right out of the gate ? well, not really. you see, with Geoff and Dwayne’s relationship running so deep, for them, everything was second nature. For Brad, it was all brand new ! They managed to work through the first acoustic rehearsal, and agreed to do it again. Only this time, it was up to Brad to take some of the songs that were already in the vault, and create his own space within them. Having two guitar players can be very beneficial, but it is vital that they each have their own voice, and space to work within without excessively crossing over.

This was the true test.

It started off with about five or six songs.. Brad would add his voice to these songs. They would get back together again and play through the songs with Brad’s voice added to them.

The songs were already comfortable for Geoff and Dwayne having written them and played them many times before, but, the voice that with that added voice, and the space Brad found within the songs, it gave them a whole new feel and texture. Things were starting to happen ! it may not have been instant, but it was clear to all that there was something there.


At a time when both Geoff and Brad had a significant amount of time available, they found that had a really good balance when it came to song writing. Together they would sit for a few hours a couple of days a week, and just start crafting new ideas, and recording them in their phones and placing them in the vault. From there, they could take the songs from the vault, pass them to Dwayne and he would add his voice and flavour. Geoff, has the depth of contact with some very talented players. He had mentioned that he would like to hear keys in Black Eyed Barbie. He knew a talented player named John Redley, and asked him to stop in during one of our writing sessions. John soon became a regular fixture in their rehearsals, and now is a key component in the sound and delivery of Black Eyed Barbie.  the end of 2018 they finished recording a 4 song EP, and started working on new material.

Recently, Black Eyed Barbie recorded 2 singles with producer engineer Jordan Honsinger from Cold Creek County and with the Addition of Todd Gemmill on the drums Barbie has been hitting the stages in 2019 with a full head of steam. Keep your eyes and ears open